Seller Policy Pages

We recommend that you learn about Kshop's selling policies before you list an item. This helps you avoid accidentally breaking any rules. If you fail to follow the rules, to protect the integrity of our marketplace, we may take certain actions, such as removing your listings or products and limiting your buying and selling privileges.

Below is a quick description of the key terms that apply to all our sellers. There are important details in the whole Seller Terms and Conditions, so you should read it.

1.   Registration

2.   Requirement

3.   Counterfeits or Refurbished Products

4.   Misleading Products Information and Advertisement

5.   Product Safety

6.   Seller Content

7.   Your Release

8.   Claims

9.   Questions


By creating an account on our marketplace, we believe that you have accepted our Seller’s Policy and Terms & Conditions.


You must have a physical store location to sell product with us and store trade license copy. You must be able to manage C&C or store pickups either by customers or courier services. (when requested for delivery).
Stores should sell products they are authorized to sell or are their own brands. Stores are responsible for the products that they list on the platform as their own.

Counterfeits or Refurbished Products

Consumer trust is very important to us. It's illegal to sell counterfeits, fakes, or replicas of brand-name items. We don't allow these items to be sold on

Items that are a first copy of a reputed brand & is not officially manufactured by the brand.


Cancellation of Orders

Stores cannot delay a confirmed purchase order or cancellation of a confirmed order. Any cancellation of a confirmed order will be subject to penalty by us under the guidelines of the “consumer affairs departments”


Misleading Product Information and Advertisement

It is the Seller’s duty not to place any wrong information about their products, their identity or a brand on the Site. The store’s  advertisement must not be misleading. This means that they will not engage in any unfair trade practices, which is a criminal offence that would also involve damages.


Product Safety

Product Safety is our top priority. It is also the foundation of customer trust. Ensuring the safety of your products must be important criteria for selling on Kshop.
Your products will be available for sale only after our approval. Always list your item in the most relevant category. When your item fits multiple categories, you can list it in each one without any additional fees, though listing your item in unrelated categories violates Kshop’s policy.
You will remain always responsible for products or any features that harm or threatens to harm individuals, and or properties.

Seller Content

The seller is solely responsible for all text, documents, images or other content or information uploaded, entered or otherwise transmitted by them in connection with their use of the Site. The website Terms and Conditions contain detailed information about the type of content to be uploaded. So, read the terms & conditions, as they apply to all the sellers on Kshop’s marketplace.


Your Release

The store / seller will remain always responsible for all and any dispute with an end user or a third party. You will release Kshop and each of our affiliates (and their respective employees, directors, agents and representatives) from and against any and all claims, costs, losses, damages, judgments, penalties, interest and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of any claim, action, investigation, inquiry or other proceedings instituted by a third party, entity or a government agency, that arises out of or relates to your conduct, the products you sell, any content you provide, the advertisement, offer, sale or return of any products you sell, any actual or alleged infringement of any intellectual property or proprietary rights by any products you sell or content you provide.

Whilst Seller terms contain detailed provisions for breaches or claims, we will take the necessary actions for any type of breach in Terms & Seller Conditions. Depending on the nature of a claim, we will ask you to compensate customers and do all other necessary remedial actions without prejudice to our rights and remedies.

We are always happy to help with questions you might have! please contact our Help Desk for any questions in respect to Site Terms.