Support Policy Page

Where to start

Your experience at Kshop doesn’t stop at the checkout. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to take full advantage of our marketplace. You can learn more about us by visiting Our About Us page. 

Support Channels

Support is only provided via our Help Desk. Currently, we do not provide support via any other channel (including, but not limited to email, Twitter, Facebook or over the phone). Although you may find information about our products in forums and articles, please be aware that we do not moderate those. Our team can only assist you via our Help DeskOur customer care representatives  are available 24/7 to assist you.

Who can access the Help Desk

To access our support, you will need to have an active account on our marketplace. If you are intending to join our online community, it will be an honor  to serve you.

Return policy

Depending on the product you purchase, you are entitled to a 7 days exchange/refund period from the date of your purchase. Find out more details about the return policy and how it applies to each product we sell. Read more about our Return Policy.

Account Troubleshooting

In certain circumstances, we may need to login to your account and troubleshoot an issue you have reported. We ask that you ensure you have a valid information about your account. We also ask that you always change your password information or remove access, after we've helped you with the task. While our team takes all the necessary precautions when working on your account.

What is included in our support service

Support includes assistance with the tracking, password recovery etc. 

What is not included in our support service

·         Support for products from third parties

·         Fixing other third party that are not related to our marketplace

·         Customizations and modifications (e.g. changing of profile pictures…)

In our quest to provide the best possible support, we must have some limitations to allow our support team to provide the best service. Providing assistance with customizations and modifications can take up extra time from our support agents, which can hurt their ability to respond to another customer with a valid issue, in a timely manner. And that customer can sometimes be you.

Customizations and Modifications

Customizing our products for your specific project requirements is not included as part of the support we provide. Our products are sold as described in their respective product pages and other supporting documents on our website. Anything that changes the look and feel or the functional aspects of a product is considered a customization.

Our team provides a wide range of services to our customers. , and we partner with other agencies to provide you with the best online shopping experience.

Bug Fixing

When a bug is reported to us, we commit to fixing the issue as soon as possible. A bug is only valid when it is an issue with the set of features we advertise about our product. A new feature request or a new integration will not be considered as a bug.

About this Support Policy

Our Support Policy outlines the expectations you can have from our support service. By using our site and purchasing our products, you consent to our Support Policy.

If you do not agree with our Support Policy, or have questions, please contact our Help Desk.